Ministry to the Military International
Reformation to the
U.S. Military Community Worldwide

The Chaplaincy has a storied history.  Chaplains have traveled the world providing spiritual help to soldiers in war and in peace.  Some have given their lives in   service to God and country.  Our reformed chaplains still serve in an exemplary manner.  And yet change has come and the changes are not beneficial for the military community.  Liberalism, political correctness, and pluralism are the order of the day.  Islam is growing in our Armed   Forces.  Paganism as seen in the Wiccan population is on the rise.  Mormons are now considered “General Protestant.”  We now have the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” which permits homosexuals to serve openly among the forces.  Homosexual unions are now acceptable.  Female soldiers are now being charged to take an even greater role with combat units.  There is a demand for tolerance within the Chaplain Corps; however, intolerance is directed more and more toward evangelicals.  In order to combat the spiritual decline of our nation’s military forces Ministry to the Military has set forth a blueprint to reclaim the hearts and minds of those who serve our nation so courageously.  With God’s help nothing is impossible!

                   Military Ministry Present and Future

The vision of Ministry to the Military includes the following:  (1) Plant Presbyterian and Reformed Churches near all the major bases overseas; (2) Encourage PCA presbyteries in the U.S. to plant churches near major bases that are without a reformed witness;  (3) Establish a Reformed Uniform Ministry (RUM) on all major bases in the U.S. and overseas.  The primary focus of this ministry is evangelism and discipleship; and (4) RUM will help those who are reached with the Gospel with assimilation into local reformed churches.

The result of this ministry will be that…

  • Biblical worship will become the norm.
  • Christian disciple making will increase.
  • Evangelism will lead many to a living and vibrant faith in Christ.
  • Christian fellowship will make life so much sweeter.
  • With a new heart and transformed mind we will be better equipped to engage our culture on a non-compromising level.
  • Spiritual fruit from this ministry will bless Presbyterian and Reformed churches around the world.
  • Last, but certainly not least, God will be glorified.
               A Presbyterian and Reformed Witness

   Military Ministry Present...Future

Chaplaincy:  Our reformed chaplains are doing a wonderful service for God and country.  They will continue to provide excellent spiritual help to our military community worldwide.

Ministry to the Military International (MMI):

This ministry will plant churches near all major installations overseas.

  • This ministry will provide houses of worship for expatriates, English speaking internationals, and  where possible to the indigenous population.
  • This ministry will encourage PCA presbyteries to plant churches near bases in their geographical area.

Reformed Uniform Ministry (RUM)

  • An arm of Ministry to the Military that seeks to establish Evangelism and Discipleship Ministries on all major bases worldwide.
  • RUM will also target our service academies, large ROTC programs, military colleges, and professional development schools for this type ministry.
  • RUM will also help those it reaches for Christ and is helping to grow in the Christian faith to assimilate into local reformed churches.
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